Day 001

June 28th – Day 001

Well, day 1 got us off to the races. We made 4 trips to big box home improvement stores, but finally got everything we needed (at least for today…)

I ordered a new washer and dryer, picked up some paint and painting supplies (including several thousand feet of painters tape) a lawn mower, one fabulous light fixture and various other materials to get us started.

On all of these trips I was accompanied by husband and big white dog. I love being able to take BWD places…but sometimes (when you’re on a mission) it becomes a hassle. I think everyone in the store knows my dog and her life story now. And tomorrow, we’ll be back…to tell it all again.

The beauty and curse of home ownership (I am realizing) is that there are so many beautiful, wonderful possibilities and things to fill your home with. Gorgeous, teeny, tiny oval Carrera marble tiles to redo the fireplace and scrumptious tile floors that look and feel like real wood….but…

and here’s the boot to your behind…

YOU CAN’T AFFORD ANY OF IT! There are literally thousands of things I didn’t know I couldn’t afford. You think “oh! this one is only $6 a sq. ft.” then you do the math and cry a little on the inside.

The big box hardware stores have all figured this out too…the things you can afford are in a dark, far off corner of the store where they are guarded by an ogre while the beautiful things you can’t take home with you are all shimmering and shining in display lighting at the front of the aisle.

All that home improvement glitz and glam will have to wait for another day. Today, I single handedly supported the manufacturers of blue painters tape.

I managed to snap some ‘before’ shots of the master…there is some hardcore beige-on-beige action going on here…it might not be suitable for all audiences. And then there’s that hideodorous ceiling fan.

I perseverated over what color to paint the master bedroom for days…possibly longer. (Husband is SO over trying to pick paint colors with me.) I am trying to match a bedspread that is currently in a wooden crate crossing the pacific ocean which makes for an interesting conundrum.

Do I wait for our stuff to get moved into the house, unpack all of the mystery boxes to locate the bedspread and have the minimum-wage paint guy match the color only to have mounds of boxes and large pieces of furniture to move out of the way when I actually get around to painting? Or…do I select a color with reckless abandon and spend 2 anxiety filled days painting the walls hoping desperately that it will look good?

I’ll take door #2, Monty!

So, we paint. Little by little we get the paint on the wall and I go back and forth (rather drastically) spouting soliloquies on whether or not I think this particular taupe is the correct taupe.

Finally…I give up, just like the dog. And decide that it’s time to throw in the towel, grab a glass of wine and leave the decision to another day.






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