Day 017


Ok, that might be a little dramatic, but the master bedroom closets are deeeefinitely in need of  updating. Between what the neighbors have told us and what we “understood” from the realtors & closing…this house was “flipped.” Apparently the house had been rented out for years and was in pretty bad shape. I can’t quite tell if the landlords came in and “fixed” a bunch of stuff or if someone bought it at a discounted price and tried to make some money off of it.

Either way, the closets will need some updating. Just look at those drawers….all wonky. My mama did NOT raise me to have wonky drawers…

Holt House Revival - Closet - Before Holt House Revival - Closet - Before

Needless to say, when this endeavor started I thought “oh, well the closets are nice and big…AND there are 2 of them! I don’t have to share!!! This is gonna be awesome…” I happily picked my closet and thought the wire shelves were going to be just fine…

Then, while I was out getting stuff for the house and grocery shopping, hubby started unpacking boxes and hanging my clothes up in my closet (isn’t he sweet?). He got most of the way through the boxes, hung lots of stuff up and went to grab a snack. (Mind you, I’m still out…which is probably good at this point.)

He and doggity are gettin’ their snack on when…


The wire shelving in the closet RIIIIIPPPPS out of the wall and comes crashing to the ground leaving a sad but colorful pile of clothes and hangers. Here’s a bit of the carnage…

So, I tried to take some close ups and I’d like you to note that some of these photos are from before it came crashing down OR are of the shelves that didn’t manage to fall out of the wall, but I’m not sure how. Whoever put this in…well…you can draw your own conclusions…I know what mine are.

In case pictures aren’t worth a 1000 words…

  1. Nothing is anchored…seriously?!
  2. Nothing is level…
  3. The brackets are just hung wherever

RULE #1 of hanging pretty much anything that will bear a load…find a stud or – when in doubt – anchor the ever-loving thing with drywall anchors that will hold 12 times as much weight as you ever think it will ever hold ever!

Alright, rant aside, whoever put this stuff in just did a really shoddy job and I’m just glad that no one was in there when it decided to let go and create a really weird modern art piece on the floor of my closet. Granted, those weird 45° angled walls presented a challenge that required some advanced level thinking skills, but dude, bust out that tape measure and at least cut them the right length…

And seriously, buy some drywall anchors.

Long story short, WE WILL REBUILD! I’m just glad my parents are coming in a couple weeks and can help us make something awesome.


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