Day 080

In the kitchen, we’ve got this faux tin-tile backsplash. The plastic sheets you can get at the HD that is supposed to simulate a tin ceiling. Well, that’s my backsplash. And it’s kinda cute…

…but the light switches and outlets proved problematic for the previous owners. Apparently the solution to white switches on this silvery faux-tin was to cover the switch and outlet covers in a similar silvery contact paper.

It wasn’t too bad of an idea…just required a little patience, an x-acto knife and proper prep of the surface (and maybe some added adhesive to prevent it from peeling up later…)

But as most of their DIY projects, this one could go into the Pinterest Fail archives.

I can appreciate not being super handy or creative, I get it, that’s not everyone’s thing. But….

Really? ….just….why?

I thought it was bad enough that that contact paper was peeling up and just generally applied poorly.

But come to find out, they cut a 4 switch cover down to try and make a 3 switch cover….AND they couldn’t be bothered to trim the excess contact paper off, so they just folded the whole thing under and hoped no one would notice, or ever take that light switch cover off to reveal their dirty little secret.

Worse yet, to be discovered…when I started peeling off the contact paper, the switch was busted to pieces and that contact paper was being used to HOLD IT TOGETHER!

Well, trip #487 to the HD is in order to get the PROPER sized light switch plate and some spray paint. Luckily this is a cheap and easy problem to fix.

I used the hammered look spray paint from Rustoleum. It’s a little darker than the contact paper, but I think it’s infinitely better looking. Especially since the paint won’t peel up at the edges and look tacky.

I’m actually thinking of sprucing up the other light switch covers around the house. A little spray paint and some trim might make for something awesome. Stay tuned!





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