Get to Know Us

I’m Betsy and that goofy smile in the grey shirt is Alan. We…just bought our first house.

I’m a graphic designer and own my own small business while my husband is a top-secret underwater ninja, who sometimes can fly! (shhhhhh! don’t tell anyone I told you!)

Alan and I bought our first house to be an investment and one huge DIY project that we could work on together. It’s not our dream house and it’s as plain-jane as they come (floor to ceiling beige…) but we’re going to make it awesome.

I have a penchant for mid-century modern design and an eclectic style while my husband yearns for the finer things in life….like a room dedicated only to dive gear. We land on opposite sides when it comes to form v. function, but that’s what makes this adventure so great.

Between use we are creative, clever and know how to properly use a sledgehammer aaaaand I think we got this whole “home renovation” thing in the bag.

We hope you’ll stick around and follow our projects as we Pinterest, Google and YouTube our way through this thing!