Super Mom & Dad to the Rescue!!! (also…it’s day 030)

Guys, seriously, I have the BEST parents ever. They took some time off and swooped on over to help us get the house in order and work on some projects! We have been getting SO much done and it’s FAB!

Mom is officially on Green Space & Garden duty while Dad – Woodworker Extraordinaire – has been manning the “workshop” (and by workshop I mean the floor in the middle of my super disorganized garage…) to bring my custom closet design to life!

A few weeks ago I was perusing the list of Craig to see if I could find anything useful for the house. As usual there’s things that look interesting, but I was so excited when I saw a guy selling off a HUGE amount of flagstone!


This is only 1/3 of what the guy had (we were still unloading the truck when I took this picture…)

*Sidenote* So, this all happened in July and for some reason around 1 or 2pm. The mid-day sun blazing on 2000 lb of dark, grey flagstone. Things got hot and heavy, quick. (See what I did there?)  Luckily there was a hardware store not too far from where this guy lived, because after loading a few, thoroughly pre-heated stones (and nearly melting our fingerprints off) we ditched and got some heavy duty gloves…although, we probably should have gotten some oven-mitts.

Mama-C-Ta and I started laying out a Pearl-approved stone area and garden in the corner of the back yard and it just looks terrific. It stays mostly shaded by the neighbor’s towering oak tree, we built in a kiddie-pool so Pearl can stay cool and splash around during hot days. It’s not done yet, but it’s going to be SUPER awesome come fall when we have a nice outdoor space to hang out and relax.

Meanwhile, indoors….

The men are getting manly!

The clamps are out and it’s getting serious in the garage. The boys have taken my closet design and are running with it. They’ve started on the large cabinet that will take up one of the 1/2 walls in the closet.

Did I mention that my closet has this *brilliant* 45° angle wall?

Check it…


So on these awkward-enough-already angled walls, the builders thought they would make everything extra fun and round out all the corners (because you can never have too many pieces of flare…)

Then, to make matters even more obnoxious, the weird little angled wall (bottom left of the diagram) isn’t actually 45°.


Question…Is it illegal for contractors to own a square? or level? or really any type of device that might actually measure things? Seriously, there are so many wonky walls (along with some seriously terrible trim installation) in this house, I think the contractors just got drunk and took turns pinning the tail on the donkey.


Aside from all the builder mishegas, we’re making progress! Stay tuned for Part 3 of the Master Closet Saga!