Day 005

5 days in and the house already looks completely different. It’s amazing what a coat of paint can do, even just slapping on primer cleans everything up so much!

We’ve been painting like crazy and now have some color amongst this beige barrage. The living room has a GORGEOUSLY deep blue accent wall and the laundry room is the most luscious shade of dark turquoise…it looks all velvety and amazing. The washer and dryer should be delivered this weekend and I can’t wait to get them in there.

Never in my life have I had brand new appliances of any sort and now I have ALL NEW!!! The sellers put in all new kitchen appliances before we moved in and now I have a brand new washer and dryer. When I was in my teens I never understood how anyone could get excited about buying dishes…in my 20’s and we were still renting, I just couldn’t get jazzed about appliances, as long as I had one that worked properly that’s all that I needed. But now that we’re home owners (and in our 30’s…..and apparently “all grown up”) all new appliances seems pretty darn fancy.  I think I’ll bust out the fine china….oh, wait….(seriously, who has actual fine china any more?).

Appliances aside, everything else in the house is definitely early 2000’s builder grade. BUT, that’s not to say we can’t jazz it up a bit. As you can see, I made husband take down the cabinets that were in the laundry room. #1…they were hung super high which makes them pretty non-functional for me and my vertically challenged family. #2 they weren’t really hung properly (there was an 1″ gap on the right hand side between the cabinet and the wall…) and #3 they just ugly and weird. So I’m gonna fix ’em. (Plans for that coming later…when I get my wood working tools back.)

The kitchen cabinets are a little better, they are actually solid “wood” (it’s questionable as to the quality of that wood, but they aren’t laminate! #itsthelittlethings #winning) So as husband was finishing up painting the laundry room the most gorgeous shade of turquoise, I started working on the kitchen cabinets.

I started by taking off the doors and prepping the cabinet facing. I filled in the bigger scrapes and holes with wood putty, sanded everything and once all that prep was done, started priming. It was pretty amazing to me how quickly this process all went. Granted, the doors haven’t been touched yet, but the cabinets themselves were ready to paint by the time we headed home.

While I was getting intimately acquainted with my kitchen cabinets, husband was installing his new toy. A Nest thermostat. This thing is crazy cool…it’s “smart.” It connects to wifi and theres an app you can put on your phone that feeds it additional information. You can log onto the thing from across the room or across the country and change the temperature. Eventually, we want to install the security cameras that go with it, they are pretty rad too…I can spy on BWD and even talk to her while I’m away. We’re gonna have a smart house! So excited!

As a perfect end to the evening, the paint on the accent wall & laundry room was dry enough to remove the tape. #sosatisfying