day 028

Have you ever just seen something and all you could do is sigh and shake your head? The past few weeks have been like that here in Casa Holt. You’ve already seen the closet disaster… next up on the list is this new, “open plumbing” concept I was unaware of, but apparently all the cool plumbers are doing it.

I had noticed that at the base of the cabinet there was always just…a little, bitty, bit of water. Sometimes it was a skosh more than an itty bit. Finally, I got fed up with the water mystery and decided to take a gander up under the sink. Well, nothing in the history of home improvement has ever been so obviously wrong….I opened the cabinet door and there it was.


HOW did this pass the home inspection?! What idiot saw this and thought “naw…it’s fine!”

I’m no plumber…but I *THINK* that everything ought to be connected…luckily, the pipes were still somewhat lined up, so, when water did drain out that side, SOME of it managed to actually get in the pipe while the remainder splashed all over with reckless abandon like some weird waterpark attraction.

*sigh* *eyeroll* *head-shake*

So, added to the list of “to-do’s” is to fix this. Also, notice that jumble of pipes and hoses? Purdy…in’t it?

Back on the closet disaster, my awesome dad is to the rescue! We bought supplies and paint and new tools (eeeek!) so we can build something FAB! (Because, seriously…girl NEEDS her closet to function…)

Up next is the Fabulous Closet Renovation in progress!