Day 007

Today is James Bond Day!!! Hahaha, or just day 7. We’ve had the house a whole week! (And we haven’t burned it down, which is pretty amazing because we’ve been doing some electrical work here and there. Husband installed my gorgeous Sputnik light and wired up the Nest Thermostat…now he’s installing some super awesome USB outlets in my office…(because I can never find the little dongle thingy that actually plugs into the wall to charge my phone.) Isn’t he awesome?

There was also some progress made on the kitchen cabinets. Husband sanded down the doors and I painted the base cabinets a lovely shade of light grey. I’m a little sad that the grey I picked was SOOOOO light…but it is still really pretty and makes the cabinets look so much more fancy than they are….so, I’m letting it go. Some kick-ass hardware will really make these cabinets look sharp! I can’t wait ’til the kitchen all comes together, but for now…more paint!

Speaking of paint…husband spent the remainder of the day painting my office and fixing the washer and dryer install. (When I bought them, they threw in the delivery and installation for free…that should have been my first clue. The delivery guys were 2 1/2 hours late – beyond their already massive ‘window’ of time – and they messed up installing the units. Ah, well…you get what you pay for!)

Tomorrow is another day with lots more painting to be done! But for now…Pearl just wants to watch the rain. (Does puppy breath help paint dry? haha!)